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Author Interview: Kersten Hamilton

Paperback, 336 pages
Published September 5th 2011 by Graphia(first published November 15th 2010)
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Teagan Wylltson’s best friend, Abby, dreams that horrifying creatures—goblins, shape-shifters, and beings of unearthly beauty but terrible cruelty—are hunting Teagan. Abby is always coming up with crazy stuff, though, so Teagan isn’t worried. Her life isn’t in danger. In fact, it’s perfect. She’s on track for a college scholarship. She has a great job. She’s focused on school, work, and her future. No boys, no heartaches, no problems.
Until Finn Mac Cumhaill arrives. Finn’s a bit on the unearthly beautiful side himself. He has a killer accent and a knee-weakening smile. And either he’s crazy or he’s been haunting Abby’s dreams, because he’s talking about goblins, too . . . and about being The Mac Cumhaill, born to fight all goblin-kind. Finn knows a thing or two about fighting. Which is a very good thing, because this time, Abby’s right. The goblins are coming.

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1. Have you always wanted to be a writer? Was there any one moment in your life that you just stopped whatever you were doing and thought, “I’d just really like to write books?”

Always. It hasn’t been easy, and still isn’t, but I have been working towards this since I was six years old.

2. I know you must have been asked this question many times but where did you get the idea for Tyger, Tyger?

When I was a child, a goblin crept out of the dark and slipped her paw into my hand. The creature’s name was Lina, and she came to life in a book by George MacDonald. Lina was a dog–like beastie with green eyes lit by amber fire, and a huge mouth with icicle–like teeth. Curdie, the hero of the story, could feel the real hand of any creature inside its flesh glove, and when Lina put her paw in his hand: “a shudder, as of terrified delight, ran through him…instead of the paw of a dog, such as it seemed to his eyes, he clasped in his great mining fist the soft, neat little hand of a child! The green eyes stared at him with their yellow light, and the mouth was turned up toward him with its constant half grin; but here was the child’s hand!”

When I read those lines I felt it. I felt the child’s hand inside a rough paw glove, and I knew I wanted to pull a child out of a goblin one day.

3. How many books are planned in the series and will they all have titles borrowed from the Blake poem?

I’m not sure yet whether there will be three or four – but I am sure there will be just enough to finish the story well. All of the titles will be borrowed from Blake—because the books, like his poem, explore the nature of good and evil.

4. What was your favourite novel when you were a teenager? Do you have a book that you turned to for inspiration?

I loved too many books to choose a favorite! But I do have a writer that I turn to for inspiration, and one I have mentioned before: George MacDonald. He also wrote At the Back of the North Wind, Lilith, and Phantastes. His work has inspired generations of writers—from Tolkien to Neil Gaiman.

5. What is the one thing that you want your readers to take away from Tyger, Tyger. I know that reading is subjective but if you were able to, what is the one thing you would require readers to see in Tyger, Tyger?

That creation is deeply good, and the choices we make, even small choices, really do matter.

Thank you for having me on your blog, Nafiza!

For more information, visit Kersten’s website.


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