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Cover Lurve: Trees ftw! (Part 1)

How do trees on a cover affect the way it looks? Do they make them more readable, more attractive? I think it depends on the individual cover. The follow are four that I really like.

How gorgeous is this cover? I love, love, love how the starkness of it complements the colours. The font used is perfect and I love how they used the darkened silhouette of a person and let all the detail go into the trees. Gorgeous.

Another gorgeous cover. Though it doesn’t exactly feature a tree as the primary object, their addition to the cover (and how brilliant is the illustration?) sets up the icy mood perfectly. Look at the details of the animals on the bare branches. This adds on to the malevolent feel of the book and makes me quite excited for the novel.

The tree functions in this cover as the barrier between the normal and the fantastic. The stunted growth of the tree perfectly illustrates how the fantastic has affected its nature. It’s all very awesome.

I’m not certain whether Photoshop is involved in the creation of this tree but it is seriously intriguing. Okay, wait, I’m pretty certain it’s an illustration but wow. The tree looks both like an angel turned into a tree with its wings stretched or an eagle turned into a tree with its wing stretched. Whatever it is, it packs a big punch and creates a mysterious atmosphere that begs you to pick up the book and read it.


5 thoughts on “Cover Lurve: Trees ftw! (Part 1)

  1. Nice covers! The last one especially is a piece of art. I love how subtle the shape of the bird is.
    The Magicians by Lev Grossman would be a great fit here, too!


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