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Book Shelf Purging

Hello. Hi. My Name is Nafiza and I’ve spent the last ten hours writing a paper. It’s worth 40% of my grade so you know I’m understandably troubled by it. But still, ten hours is a long time and whatever little gray matter I had was eaten away by the sadistic people who invented papers.

Anyway, I purged my bookshelf and now I have, like, books? But I don’t have the money to send it to anyone so people, I thought I’d ask the blog word, the internet, if you want the books, it’s yours… just pay for the shipping. I wish I had the money to pay for shipping but I’m a poor starving student. If nobody wants the books, I’ll give it to…well I don’t know to whom but to someone. Anyway, just leave me a comment if you’re interested and we’ll discuss the details. If you’re in Vancouver, so much the better since you’re local and I can just give the books to you. (Providing you’re not creepy. Hur.)

Anyway, the books:

In Camelot’s Shadow – Sarah Zettel (paperback)
The Beekeeper’s Pupil – Sara George (Hardcover)
The Garden – Elsie V. Aidinoff (Hardcover)
Inside Out – Maria V. Snyder (paperback)
Timeless – Alexandra Monir (hardcover)
Wildefire – Karsten Knight (ARC)
Immortal – Gillian Shields (paperback)
Fury – Elizabeth Miles (ARC)
A Touch Mortal – Leah Clifford (ARC)
The Iron Witch – Karen Mahoney (paperback)

Let me know if you’re interested cuz I would like it if these books went to people who loved them and hugged them to sleep or okay, not that but you know what I mean.

Kays. I’m going to go not type.  (Oh, I am in Canada just so you know.)


One thought on “Book Shelf Purging

  1. Hey – do you have pictures of the covers? I know, I know – not supposed to jusge a book by its cover, buit a pretty cover doesn’t hurt :)

    Ammy Belle
    apereiraorama @ gmail .com


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