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Disney Princess Magazine Covers

You may or may not have seen these floating around Tumblr. But I figured it was time they were featured on the Bibliophilic Monologues. So here they are in all their glory. Read them and cackle.


4 thoughts on “Disney Princess Magazine Covers

  1. Bad boy Aladdin? I want to read that! I love Aladdin with all my heart. <3 <3

    These are hilarious. And the magazines- Elle, Seventeen, etc- they actually represent them quite well. My favourite: Seventeen. Prince Eric isn't allowed to eat crab or fish anymore? Oh, gosh. *bursts out laughing again*


  2. ZOMG, I haven’t come across any of these before! This is hilarious. So damn hilarious.

    “Prince Charming confesses: That’s NOT my name!” – I think I just died.


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