In My Mailbox for the Month of February

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren (.com). See her site for more information and whatnot. February was a good enough month for me. As far as physical books go, I bought some extremely awesome books and I got one for review.

Castle in the Air – Diana Wynne Jones
Book 2 of the Howl’s Moving Castle trilogy.

Spectyr – Philippa Ballantine
Book 2 of the Book of the Order series.

The Bone Doll’s Twin – Lynn Flewelling
Book one a fantasy series I know nothing about but was recommended by a blogger friend. Thanks!

The Girl with the Silver Eyes  – Willo Davis Roberts
Been meaning to read this forever and it was only $4 at BD.

Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo (requested for review)
This one seems seriously amazing and I can’t help squealing my glee that I have it.

The Puzzle Ring – Kate Forsyth
I’ve heard so many good things about this so I’m tremendously happy to have this.

The Poisonwood Bible – Barbara Kingsolver
It was only $2 at a library sale and it’s been on my reading list forever so…

The Book of Wonders – Jasmine Richards
Arabian Nights retelling, dudes. I am not going to miss out on this one.

Paul’s Case and Other Stories – Willa Cather
I was supposed to get the one by Lynn Crosbie by the name but oh wells.

Bullfinch’s Mythology – Thomas Bullfinch
I love myths. I guess you know that now.

I checked out so many books from the library that I literally do not have the energy to list them all but heed me well, they are many and they are gorgeous and I hope I can find to read them all.

What’s in your mailbox?



9 thoughts on “In My Mailbox for the Month of February

  1. Gotta say it…nice mailbox! There’s a few I recognize and a few I don’t….but that’s the beauty of these posts. You never fail to leave without adding a few to the wish list. Thanks for sharing…and happy reading!


  2. have NO IDEA how jealous I am that you have Bullfinch’s Mythology. I want to own that book, put it on a shelf, and surround it with air purifiers so it’ll last a long time O.O

    This month I bought Captured by the Highlander by Julianna MacLean and A Rose for the Crown by Anne Easter Smith. Will be camping out in BN on Tuesday to by The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter (if you like mythology, I think you’d like her take on it

    Everything else though, I’ve borrowed from the library. (I’m in the middle of CINDER!)


    1. Dude, I got it for like 12 bucks from Book Depository. It was ridiculously cheap. Isn’t Cinder awesome? I can’t wait to read the next on in the series. :D And will look up Gena Showalter. If it’s got you camping, it is good.


  3. Wayyy too much awesome in your mailbox. Like, Smoke And Bone looks so good!

    And so does The Puzzle Ring.

    And YAY SMOKE AND BONE! And Poison Wood Bible. Yeah dude you are going to be so busy with all of these rocking books.
    Happy reading :-)


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