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The Hunger Games Movie: A Review


I finally ventured out to see the movie after the hype has died down somewhat. I am the sort of person who prefers avoiding crowds and watching stuff after the first rush has died down and there’s breathing room. The theater was still almost packed full so I guess it’s too early to say that the rush is gone but you get my point. Anyway, I thought I’d do a review of the movie more so to help me gather my thoughts on it than to provide anyone with a concise report on what the movie entails.

I liked the movie adaptation. It was entertaining. It had pretty people, solid action, decent acting and the sequence of the scenes was very engaging. Superficially speaking, it was an awesome movie.

However, the movie catered almost exclusively to those who had already read the books and brought with them the whole world of Panem into the theaters. It spent little to no time building the world in which the movie is set, depicting the details of the relationships, the intricate dynamics, the movie did not pay any attention to that. And truth be told, I don’t know if it was possibly to make the experience of watching the movie similar to the experience of reading the book. Maybe not but then again, I compare this to my all time favourite adaptation – Lord of the Rings – and I KNOW it is possible, it just wasn’t done here.

So, I would advise anyone who wants to see the movie to read the book first. You’ll get more for your money that way.


12 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Movie: A Review

  1. I agree with your review. However I do have a thought or two on the story/world development aspect.

    The key difference between “The Hunger Games” and “Lord of the Rings” movies is runtime which would allow for more development. Due to the key audience of “The Hunger Games” films I don’t think the film would have benefited from this from a studio perspective. The main fan base of “The Lord of the Rings” is older and fantasy fans, geeks, nerds, etc. (and I use these terms with love as I am one haha) who are more patient and more willing to sit through a longer movie in order to benefit from it. “THG” fans are younger or people looking for the next “Twilight” or “Harry Potter” franchise and would be less likely to have the attention span. At the end of the day it is all about the profit unfortunately. At least this way people might be inclined to pick up the books for the extra experience and the rest of us who have read the novels don’t lose out on anything. We know the extra information and I feel the movie captured the spirit of the novel well enough regardless.

    Well that’s my two cents haha…


  2. Yes, I feel like the filmmakers expected you to fill in stuff from the books yourself! (Which I did for the most part and didn’t realize until later, haha.) I was super disappointed that all my favorite scenes in the second half of the book were cut — the ones showing the nuances of Katniss and Peeta’s relationship.

    I went to watch the film with a few friends who hadn’t read the book, and I totally made one of them read the book just so I can be all like “Isn’t the book way better?!” :D


    1. Yeah, I totally agree. Maybe because there was no time but I still felt that there should have been some time given for them to become a believable pair. Oh well.At least they are pretty. Haha.


    2. I also agree with you! iam a huge hunger game sfan and i was a little disapointed. and the book is way better. my favorite is Peeta!( i think Josh Hutcherson is so sexy!!!!!) ha ha :D


  3. I pretty much agree with all of this! I think that while I really thought they did a great job with the adaptation (and I’m usually pretty hard on movie adaptations), they didn’t take enough time to really build up the world or the relationships and the lack of relationship-building was tough. The time Katniss spent with Rue in the movie was so miniscule and we didn’t get the full sense of what that relationship meant to Katniss. And the Peeta-Katniss “fake” relationship was practically glossed over. Still, despite that small disappointment for me, I really did love the movie. I need to see it again.


    1. Yeah, I think it would be tough for them to recreate the reading experience in exactly the same way but I think I love the movie as much as I do because I read the book. If I had been to see it without reading the book, I would have had a much different response to it.


      1. There were a lot of people sitting around me when I went to see it who hadn’t read the book — they all seemed to be enjoying it, so there’s that, at least!


  4. I agree! Even things as little as Gale’s relationship with Katniss. In the movie he was just … there. The same goes for the constant flashbacks that, I feel, if you hadn’t read the book prior to seeing the movie, would’ve made you somewhat lost.


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