Author Interview

Author Interview: Linda Grimes

Linda Grimes has written the very fun In A Fix and we are lucky to have here to answer some questions.

1. One of the biggest obstacles Ciel has in In a Fix is an overprotective brother. Having two of my own, I can well empathize. Do you have older brothers? Is that why Ciel’s frustration at the brother in question reads so authentically?

Thank you! I have two older brothers and one younger, so yeah, I suspect I may have an inside track on how a sister might feel in Ciel’s situation.

2. I read over on Goodreads that you have spent a fair time overseas. Out of the countries you have visited, which one was your favourite? And do you think that your travels have affected your writing?

Sweden has a special place in my heart, naturally enough, since I’m half Swedish. (My mom was born and raised in Stockholm.) It’s a gorgeous country, especially in the summer. And the food! Yum. But perhaps I am genetically predisposed to like pickled herring and luscious pastries.

My travels have definitely provided a rich resource for the settings in my books. I’m really looking forward to including some of my other favorite travel spots, like Ireland and France, in future books.

3. The most successful element to In a Fix for me is the humour in it. As a writer, what is more difficult for you to express? Humor or pathos?

Pathos, definitely. I have a natural inclination to see the humor in any given situation, so writing the comedic stuff just seems to happen of its own accord. Anything of a more serious nature requires getting into the proper mood, maybe with tear-jerker movie or some depressing music beforehand.

4. I’m sure you’ll be getting this question a lot in the future but I can’t help but ask: of the two strong male leads (at the moment), which one of them is your favourite. (I, personally, can’t choose and can’t understand why Ciel can’t have them both.)

I’m with you—why choose if you don’t have to? Ciel may eventually have to make a choice, but in the meantime I say have fun wherever your imagination takes you!

5. What does Quick Fix have in store for us? Any sneak peeks or tidbits you’d be willing to throw out?

Well, you will meet a whole lot more of Ciel’s family in Quick Fix, including her other two brothers. If you enjoyed her interaction with her oldest brother, Thomas, in In a Fix, just wait until you see her with the other two, James and Brian. Also, there’s a baby orangutan. And I better just leave it at that for now.

Thank you for answering my questions!

Thank you for asking them! And for inviting me here to your website.

Find In a Fix in stores right now and find Linda at her website here.


One thought on “Author Interview: Linda Grimes

  1. Yay! I’m so excited to read In a Fix, especially after I’ve been reading such lovely reviews and good things about Ciel. Hehe, as the youngest of 5 with 2 older brothers (one of whom has, yes, literally done the ‘I’m conveniently cleaning my shotgun while you’re coming to pick up my sister’ thing), I’m excited to read about those situations. Also, I’m Norwegian (heritage, but I did go to high school there), so I totally feel ya on the predisposition to like weird foods. Lutefisk and lefse baby.

    Thanks for the interview!


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