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The Reading Forecast

It’s Monday again! And I have 14 days to meet my deadline of 100 pages of my thesis. I’m being a drama queen because I actually have 96 pages already but honestly, I am NOT PLEASED with at least 40 of those pages and I have to grit my teeth and just move forward because if I rewrite, I will never finish the novel. Do you guys have that feeling with your own WIPs? Last night, I had an awful thought. What if I no longer know how to write? What if all I write now is trite tired stuff that regurgitates everything I have read? What if my novel is awkward and clumsy and goodness, yeah, then I had a doughnut and everything was happy for a while because of the sugar. I feel reluctant to write more because the next few chapters are going to be emotionally intense and unhappy. And possibly violent. Yes, definitely violent. Also, I’ve created villains that scare even me and I’m afraid of spending too much time in their heads.

Okay, I’ll shut up now about my thesis and talk about the books I (didn’t) read in the last week:

Books Read/DNFed

1. The Plain Janes – Cecil Castellucci
This is a graphic novel aimed at adolescents featuring a group of girls all called Jane. It’s quite brilliant actually in an understated way. I’m going to do a review of this eventually. Castellucci has a book coming out from MacMillan, Tin Star, and it has gotten interesting reviews so I may check it out some day.

2. Blythewood – Carol Goodman
This one came backed by Wendy Darling’s recommendation and since she and I have quite similar reading tastes, I was quite sure I would enjoy it. And I did. I liked it a lot though not as much as Wendy did. Expect a review of this sometime in the future.

3. Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn
I cannot think about this book without shuddering. It wasn’t bad. Just that the content is so psychologically creepy. I will write a review of this.

4. Battle Magic – Tamora Pierce
I’m putting this one on hold. I think it will be best if I can go back and read this when I’ve read the others in the series. That way I will have more sense of the world in which the writing occurs and will enjoy it much more.

5. The Promise of Amazing – Robin Constantine
I DNFed this at 50%. I just couldn’t with the shallowness and the superficiality. And I loathed the love interest and did not much like the protagonist. No sense in torturing myself.

Books Currently Reading

A Literate Passion – Henry Miller and Anais Nin
I’m enjoying this but it’s not something I can read in one go. I read a little bit and put it down and then pick it up again.

The Elements of Style – William Strunk Jr.
I have to have this done before my next meeting with my thesis supervisor which is on December 2nd. I have time and I shall conquer the last ten or so pages. I will do it!

Books I Plan to Read

Unteachable – Leah Raeder
I’ve actually started this and the writing is breathtaking. I don’t understand why it’s not being published traditionally but whatevs. The kindle price right now is $0.97 and you guys should take advantage of that and snag yourselves a copy.

The Almost Girl – Amalie Howard
I read a bit of it and got intrigued by the prologue so I believe it’s the next one in the review galleys I’m going to sink my teeth into.

The Palace Job – Patrick Weekes
It sounds fun and it needs to be read so I can review it. I got it from Net Galley.

That’s it for me. What’s on your reading forecast?



4 thoughts on “The Reading Forecast

  1. I already have a copy of Unteachable and I’m definitely looking forward to reading it. The reviews so far have been incredibly positive! And I had no idea Cecil Castellucci had a graphic novel out (I’m looking forward to her Tin Star), but you have me curious now.

    You won’t forget how to write. Actually, if anything, you can only get better, right? But when in doubt, doughnuts are always a good idea. ;)


  2. Ah! Yeah I’d say you definitely need to read the series before Battle Magic as its not set in Tortall (I’ve just started reading them as I am a terrible Tamora Pierce fan and have only read her Tortall books). So far I don’t like them quite as much as the Tortall books, but we’ll see if they grow on me *shrugs*


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