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Let’s Talk Series

So my shelf on Goodreads tells me that I have 166 sequels to read. And very unscientifically, I have decided that the number points to the prevalence of series in children’s literature today. It is no one’s surprise when I reveal that I predominantly indulge in children’s lit. Is it a shocker? Are you surprised? No? Okay, just checking. Anyway, some of the books on the sequels shelf are just long running series that I have let the ball drop on (I have no idea what this means, I just used it because I felt like it fit, sometimes I do that with language). For instance, the Bloody Jack series by L. A. Meyer already has 12 or 13 books out and I have only read the first 3. I don’t have anything against series. How can I? I’m writing the first in a trilogy. I just hate cliffhangers. A lot.

Anyway, because I’m running out of reviews to post, we will talk about series. Actually, I’ll be doing the talking but you can post your comment and I shall respond accordingly. I’m scattered today, I apologise. I had horrible dreams about being chased in a forest. It’s my WIP, my protagonist is being held prisoner right now and sometimes I forget that she and the world she inhabits are fictional.

Okay, series. Here are some that I think will conclude next year. But don’t take my word as gospel. They could easily be a four book series.

Partials Sequence


Isn’t it lovely when the covers all look the same? DO YOU HEAR THAT PUBLISHERS? Okay sorry, mini ranty ragey moment. Book 2 was really awesome so I have high hopes for book 3. I hope it doesn’t let me down. Interesting how she’s alone on the cover, I wonder if the partial dies or something. It wouldn’t surprise me if he does. It is a dystopian world and there are bound to be sacrifices. Sort of? Or accidents? Or murder. I’ll shut up now.

Something Strange and Deadly


These covers match too. How awesome. I don’t particularly like them but they match and it’s cool. So I’ve only read the first book in the series but I totally liked the pants off it. Well, if books wore pants, I’d like. Okay, my brain is being weird today. Anyway, this has the protagonist (spoiler) losing her hand at the end of book one and I can’t wait to see how Dennard tackles ensuing consequences.

The Ascendance Trilogy


I really love the protagonist in this one. He’s charming and not abrasive and strange as many other boy protagonists are wont to sound. The covers are meh. They are too simplified and considering the richness of the world in the novel, I think the cover artists could have gone into different directions altogether and come up with something more striking. However, I’ll take the consistent theme of the covers. The series is unpredictable and I look forward to finding out which direction it goes in.



Hrm, I like the symbolism of the third cover. I wonder if this will have a sad ending. It possibly could. I haven’t read the second book in the series but I really liked the first one so hey hey, I’m going to be super positive and go, I’m sure it’s awesome.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone


Watch there be four or five books in this series. Just watch. I don’t think I’ll mind when it’s all done but right now, the waiting. We won’t even talk about how Shadowscale has been pushed back another year for a March 2015 release. Ughhh. That’s the sequel to Seraphina in case you are confused. Anyway, this series. I didn’t much like the first one but the second one was ahmazing. I don’t like mush, kay? The third one will be even more awesome because anything else isn’t an alternative.

Dust Lands


*shoots daggers with eyes* See something different? VERY DIFFERENT? Ugh. Okay. I have just read Blood Red Road and liked it a lot. I got Rebel Heart dirt cheap at a thrift store so I do plan on reading it eventually. But I heard spoilers floating around like Saba getting pregnant and ish and it’s become too traumatic for me. She’s having a baby in the Dust Lands. I hope she isn’t. What happens to Jack? Was his name Jack? Whatever it was, I liked him. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Okay, I was going to do more series but that can be a part two to this post which will happen the next time I don’t know what to post. Tomorrow I’m going to discuss writing so tune in for that.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Series

  1. What I don’t understand is how authors can pump out a trilogy in three years. How do they do it? I swear it is going to take me five or six years to finish mine…


  2. Partials does look good. *adds to goodreads list* *jaw drops at how many books she’s added to good reads list* ah well. :)


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