reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

So, my wonderful readers, I read just two books last week and one of them was a graphic novel. And I didn’t like either of them as much as I wanted to and no, neither of them were the ones that I had predicted I would read. Not surprising anyone, I didn’t pick up The Dark Between so it continues languishing on my reading list along with A Literate Passion but that one I’m determined to read this December.

Read Last Week:

  •  Emiko Superstar – Mariko Tamaki
    This was illustrated by Steve Rolston and written by Tamaki. I liked the art just fine but I couldn’t stand the story. It left me seriously underwhelmed and gave me squiggly feelings of the nauseous kind. I don’t condone someone taking someone else’s pain and using it as entertainment. I just can’t handle it and I seriously side-eye people who do that.
  • Premeditated – Josin L. McQuein
    I’m going to write a review citing all the reasons this didn’t work for me so you should keep an eye out for that.

Currently Reading

  • The Dark Between – Sonia Gensler (this will most probably be a DNF. I have that feeling.)
    A Literate Passion – Anais Nin

On the Reading Forecast

  • Neverwas – Kelly Moore
    I signed up for a blog tour and have to get the arc read and the questions sent before my date which is, goodness, December 13th. Right around the corner! Eeep! Okay, I can do it.
  • Where’d You Go, Bernadette? – Maria Semple
    I feel like this is the time to read this one. I want to read it.

I’m only committing to these two this week simply but who knows, maybe I’ll end up reading a whole lot more. It has been known to happen!


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