14 Books (I Already Own) To Read in 2014

Here’s another list (and you’ll be seeing lists a lot this month) from me. 14 books I own that I absolutely want to get read in the coming year. Whether it happens or not is up to my capricious nature and time but intentions mean something, right? Right.

1. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
While I didn’t love her first novel, it engaged me on an intellectual level and I appreciated that. I like books that make you think and I want to read something else by her to see if she can do it again. Make me think, that is!
2. Deathless – Catherynne V. Valente
I just want to read this one. I have three of Valente’s book (including this one) and I’m probably going to get more so I may as well start reading her work. Eh?
3. Bitter Greens – Kate Forsyth
I know this has been on my reading lists for a long time but I swear (really, I do!), it’s going to happen in 2014.
4. Snakes and Ropes – Jess Richards
See number 3. I’ll get this read soon!
5. The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman
I have a signed copy! How can I not have read it still?
6. The Golem and the Jinni – Helene Wecker
This one has been recommended to be enough times that I will actually read it now.
7. Fan Girl – Rainbow Rowell
I figure I should join the party.

8. My Name is Red – Orhan Pamuk
I’ve been meaning to read this forever. I will definitely do it this coming year. IA.
9. The Elephant Vanishes – Haruki Murakami
I usually read two Murakami novels a year. Usually because they are substantial enough to keep me thinking and pondering an entire year. This will be the first one.
10. Dance, Dance, Dance – Haruki Murakami
This is the second one.
11. I Sweet the Sun Off Rooftops – Hanan Al-Shaykh
With a title like that, I’m positive I’m going to enjoy this collection.
12. Girl in Translation – Jean Kwok
A grimmer book than I am used to but I want to read it because the title intrigues me.
13. The Summer of the Ubume – Natsuhiko Kyogoku
A Japanese murder mystery. Woot.
14. Anna Dressed in Blood – Kendare Blake
Seriously. I should just get on with it and read it already.


16 thoughts on “14 Books (I Already Own) To Read in 2014

  1. I Sweep the Sun Off Rooftops is probably my favorite short story collection. Hanan was a guest lecturer in a lit & writing class I took in college in 1997 (!!!) and she was so sharp and charming and wonderful that I’ve read everything she’s written since (except her new collection, which isn’t available here yet), and it sent me down a years-long rabbit hole of acquiring and reading loads of Middle Eastern women’s lit. I highly, highly, highly recommend her stuff.


  2. I set myself a bunch of goals at the beginning of the year and didn’t really accomplish much because I end up reading whatever I’m in the mood for. A bunch of the books you listed are on my TBR: The Ocean at the End of the Lane, The Golem and the Jinni, Girl in Translation and Anna Dressed in Blood. There are so many books that I need to get to this coming year!


  3. Gone Girl and Fangirl are both on my already-own-and-need-to-read list for 2014 too! :) And I’m looking forward to your thoughts on The Ocean at the End of the Lane and Anna Dressed in Blood.


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