reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Hello my lovelies, I come to you from a rare snowy morning. Okay, let’s talk about books! Last week I read:

  • Tea Rex – Molly Idle
    An adorable picturebook where a T-Rex gets invited for tea and shenanigans result.
  • Flora and the Flamingo – Molly Idle
    I loved this one. It is a wordless picturebook which show a little girl dancing with a flamingo. It’s brilliant. The art is out of this world.
  • Miss Maple’s Seeds – Eliza Wheeler
    Another sweet picturebook that deals with a mystical being who goes around collecting lost seeds and keeps them safe during winter before letting them in spring.
  • Skip Beat anthology containing volumes 13-14-15 – Yoshiki Nakamura
    I fangirl over this series and it’s so brilliant. Really. I’m not just saying that either. If you are not into Manga and want to be, I urge you to try this series. The writing is brilliant. And Ren, ah, Ren.
  • Neverwas – Kelley Moore, Tucker Reed, Larkin Reed
    The sequel to The Amber House. I quite enjoyed this and there will be a review up on the blog on Friday along with an interview of the authors.
  • Sea of Shadows – Kelley Armstrong
    Now this one I did not enjoy as much as I had hoped to and there are legitimate reasons for that. I will review this closer to its publication date which is not for a while.

Currently Reading:

  • The Book of Imaginary Beings – Jorge Luis Borges
    For inspiration for my thesis project. Book. Novel. Anyway. It’s interesting. Rather dry and not as fun as I had hoped it would be but still. It is interesting.
  • The Real Inspector Hound and Other Plays – Tom Stoppard
    Some of the plays are fun and others I think require you to be British to properly understand and appreciate the intricacies and wit.
  • A Literate Passion – Anais Nin
    I’m still only on page 22. It’s amazing, I just haven’t picked it up again yet. Should I put it on hold?
  • The Tough Guide to FantasyLand – Diana Wynne-Jones
    This is fun. Everything I thought it would be. I recommend it.
  • The Well of Ascension – Brandon Sanderson
    It’s going well. I’m only about a hundred pages in so relatively speaking, it’s going well.

To Read

Most of what I’m reading right now is not something you can read cover to cover. The books just are for consultation or better suited to be read in bits and pieces throughout some time. I do think that the Sanderson book is immense enough that it will take me a longer time to finish especially since I’m going back to writing again. I took a break this past week but another deadline is coming up and I must apply myself to my world and you know the story (it should be illegal to thesis in December). So, I’ll possibly be reading everything I’m currently reading and:

No One Else Can Have You – Kathleen Hale


5 thoughts on “The Reading Forecast

  1. Oh I’ve been meaning to read No one else can have you for ages. Will you post a review once you have? If so I look forward to finding out what you thought!


  2. I always flail a little bit whenever I see Skip Beat mentioned haha. It’s one of the few mangas I want to own all the volumes of, instead of librarying it (well really, the only. Well that and Fruits Basket. It’s fitting that FB was my first real anime, and SB my first real manga now that I think about it)


    1. FB I couldn’t get into because I don’t like good girl heroines. Kyoko, on the other hand, is crazy enough with her demons that I can unabashedly love her. Also, Ren. I mean, Ren is the answer to many questions. ;)


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