reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Read Last Week

  • Inanna: From the Myths of Ancient Sumer – Kim Echlin and Linda Wolfsgruber (illustrator)
    This was an interesting book. Beautiful art but perhaps better suited for younger readers.
  • A Daisy is a Daisy is a Daisy (except when it’s a girl’s name) – Linda Wolfsgruber
    I really liked this little picturebook. It showcased the different flower names different cultures/languages/people call their girls. Daisy just being one of them.
  • Trouble on Reserve – Kim Harrison
    This was a (very) short story about Trent and Rachel finding trouble together and solving it. I think it is rather revealing of Trent’s feelings towards Rachel though so I liked reading it.
  • No One Else Can Have You – Kathleen Hale
    This was surprisingly interesting though it brought up some things for me to think about and perhaps discuss in some later post.
  • The Real Inspector Hound and Other Plays – Tom Stoppard
    I think I would have enjoyed these more had I been able to watch them being performed rather than just read them because they didn’t have the transferability of mediums that Rosencrantz and Guildenster did. Do.
  • The Book of Imaginary Beings – Jorge Luis Borges
    I may have missed one of two beings but it was okay. Nothing crazy awesome.
  • Harvey – Herve Bouchard and Janice Nadeau (illustrator)
    This one won the Governor General’s Award for both prose and art – something that hadn’t previously been done I am told. I liked it. It’s sad, it’s homely and perhaps a good present for kids dealing with a loss of a parent.
  • The Well of Ascension – Brando Sanderson
    I liked this one a lot better than the first one and while I’m not sold on Sanderson’s ability to write romance, he writes action and tough protagonists really well. I may do a review on this one as I have unexpectedly a lot of things to say about it.

Currently Reading

  • The Myth of Persephone in Girl’s Fantasy Literature – Holly Blackford
  • A Literate Passion – Anais Nin
  • The Tough Guide to Fantasyland – Diana Wynne Jones

To Read in the Coming Week

  • Cress – Marissa Meyer
  • The Bone Dragon – Alexia Casale

5 thoughts on “The Reading Forecast

  1. The reviews have been mixed for No One Else Can Have You, so I’m curious to see what you think. I love the cover.

    Ooh, hope you enjoy Cress! I can’t wait for the release of that book. <3


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