reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Hello, happy holidays everyone! This post is coming up late because I’ve been sleeping. As I said holidays. We don’t celebrate Christmas with the tree etc but it is a time for festivity with family and food. And holidays used to mean a ton of reading for me but I have this thing called a Masters Thesis and it is taking over my life. Okay, I’ll keep the griping to a minimum and just get on with it. Here is what I’ve read during the past week:

  • The Book of Jack – D-P. Filippi
    The art was awesome. The story was lacking quite a bit.
  • Newt’s Emerald – Garth Nix
    I expected something a bit more complex and engaging than I got. Fits the genre though. A Regency Romance.
  • Lou: The Perfect Summer and Lou: Down in the Dumps – Julien Neel
    The 3rd and 4th of the Lou series. I will hunt down the first two, read them and then do a review. It’s too cute not to.
  • Zombillenium: Gretchen – Arthur de Pins
    Omg, you guys, this is WONDERFUL. I will do a review. I need this book in my life. I will buy it.
  • Cruel Beauty – Rosamund Hodge
    This is one of the 2014 debuts I was talking about and it’s fantastic. I really liked it.

I am currently reading:

Yes, basically all the things I was reading before. There has been progress though.

A Literate Passion feels so voyeuristic at times but jeez, the language they use. Also they don’t seem at all troubled by the fact that both of them have spouses who may or may not know about their love affair.

The Tough Guide to Fantasyland continues being awesome. I’m on the Cs now and I’ve come to the decision that this is not something I can read in one straight go so I’ll probably make a new shelf called “Working On” and just move it there. I read a bit, giggle, put it down and move on.

The Myth of Persephone is rather more readable than one would expect from a theory book. But I haven’t had the chance to pick it up or to be honest, had the desire to. I will pick it up again soon though.

Here’s What I Plan to Read:

The Theory of Everything by Kari Luna. This is a library book and I want to get it done before it is due. It looks super-awesome and deliciously quirky so it seems like it’s straight up my alley.

Defy – Sara B. Larson. This is a 2014 debut I just added to my shelves. Virtual shelves that is. Also it was Read Now on Net Galley. I don’t know if it still is but worth a gander. Early reviews have been promising.

Cress – Marissa Meyer. I’m excited for this. I really am. I just want to prolong the experience because I’ll have to wait one whole  year for the next one.

The Bone Dragon – Alexia Casale. Another library book I need to devour before it has to be returned. A GR friend recommended it to me and since I love dragons, I’m looking forward to it.


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