Reading, the Resolutions of 2014.

I don’t usually like making resolutions because I never fulfill them. But reading resolutions are different. They make me excited and give me new enthusiasm for reading. So I have come up with a few and hopefully I will manage to complete them.

  1. Read a wider variety of books.
    I am somewhat satisfied by type of books I read but often, I am very reluctant to move out of my comfort zone. However, I want to read different kinds of books this coming year. Picturebooks, middlegrade,  YA, graphic novels, Manga, adult genre fiction, adult literary fiction, poetry, nonfiction. Zines. Webcomics. Memoirs. I don’t think I can do romance though. I may try it but I’m still not over the saturation point I reached. I must have read more than a 1000 romance novels in Fiji and I’m not even joking. It was the only genre widely available (which is interesting, don’t you think?).
  2. Read more slowly.
    Honestly. I read a lot of books but I tend to gulp them whole. I inhale them and then feel full of the story. I want to linger over the words now. Or the art. And just immerse myself into the experience. I will read less but I will have a better experience reading what I do.
  3. Bloody Jack series. Make it happen.
    So I think there are 12 books out right now. So I am going to read one book per month and then review it all the way till December 2014. I hope real life doesn’t get in the way of that. Real life has this annoyingly interruptive (it is now a word) presence where reading life is concerned.
  4. This is not a reading resolution strictly but still applicable: Finish my thesis novel. I need to graduate.

Five Books I Absolutely MUST Read This Year

I’ve had these books on my list for a long time and apart from The Yellow Wallpaper I own all of them. One of them was a gift and I still haven’t read it. Sorry Rossi. I aim to amend that this year though. I will (I must!) read these.

So what are your resolutions this year? Any book you aim to read in particular?


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