reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Sorry this post is late. Internet issues. Baby issues. My niece demands my time and then consumes it entirely without hesitation. So on to the books I read last week!

1. The Golden City – J. Kathleen Cheney
I quite enjoyed this one. A fantasy set in Portugal with selkies and sereias (sirens) as part of the cast. Review to come.

2. Her Dark Curiosity – Megan Shepherd
I will say all I have to about this one in the review this week.

3. Reboot – Amy Tintera
Hmm. I need to sort out of my thoughts about this one.

Now on to the ones I’m currently reading:

The Palace Job – Patrick Weekes
I’m enjoying the heck out of this one. Loch is so badass. Plus POC characters! Fun mythology and just an easy narrative voice.

1Q84: Haruki Murakami
I just finished book 1 (there are three bound up together) and the twist at the end shocked me in a wonderful way.

The books I plan to read?

Murakami, obviously. And I want to finish The Palace Job and maybe Unforgotten. But I’d be happy with just making inroads on 1Q84 and finishing the shorter one.


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