thesis tuesday

Thesis Tuesday

I am writing the prologue.


It’s cooking my mind. I have to distance myself from the main character (in whose perspective I am writing) and go back several steps and adopt a panoramic view of the whole story (so to speak) so I can whip up something that is interesting and hopefully engages the potential reader.


I wish I didn’t have to but my thesis supervisor (T.S) is right. I need a foundation on which to base the following narrative otherwise it’ll seem a bit too vague. But still. I’m suffering so there’s cheese.

Has anyone else ever woken up mid-thought? It’s as though my brain continues thinking when my subconscious has signed out for the day. It’s rather disconcerting. Right, I have some chewy things for you guys next week (yes I am pretending that people are interested in my thesis) but right now, I’m just so scattered because of the niece. So here’s a tiny excerpt. It gives nothing away but it does nod towards the textuality of my characters and their awareness of themselves as characters. Cuz I like to mess with their minds. And the readers. ^__^

“We are words, Croi. Breathing words, walking words, words come to life and words become flesh and blood. When we gather, we have meaning, we tell stories. But sometimes, we come undone. And sometimes,” Uaine looks at me, her eyes glittering, “our stories end.”


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    1. We just finish a certain number of credits (or units as its also known) and once we’re done with them, we can graduate provided we have good standing and have passed all the courses we have taken.


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