reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

So another week begins already. Time seems to fly by so fast this year. I’m becoming cranky because of the speed at which it is passing.

This past week, I read:

The Palace Job – Patrick Weekes
It was amazing and there’s a review for it planned this week.

The Tough Guide to Fantasyland – Diana Wynne Jones
I will also do a review on this. It made me laugh, often and loud.

Vengeance – Megan Miranda
This one, I have things to say about this one. It was okay.

I am currently reading:

1Q84 – Haruki Murakami
So I’m going page 649/925 and it’s driving me crazy now because the main character is messing around in a town with nurses when I want him to come back home so things can get back on track and I can have a satisfying resolution to this immense piece of work.

The Elements of Eloquence – Mark Forsyth
So I’m working on this. I’m not reading it right through. I’m just making my way through it in bits and pieces.

Books I Plan on Reading this coming Week:


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