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January Book Haul and Wrap Up

First the book haul. I didn’t buy that many books this month but I did get the ones I bought during sales in December this month and they all added up somehow.

The books are, in no particular order:

  1. The Demonologist – Andrew Pyper (review copy from Simon & Schuster)
  2. Blues for Zoey – Robert Paul Weston (from Razorbill Canada)
  3. The Last Wild – Piers Torday (Razorbill Canada)
  4. Under the Egg – Laura Marx Fitzgerald (Razorbill Canada)
  5. Bekka – Tamora Pierce (purchased used)
  6. The Golden Mean – Annabel Lyons (purchased used)
  7. Life After God – Douglas Coupland (purchased used)
  8. Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell
  9. The Crane Wife – Patrick Ness (ARC my friend won)
  10. Handbook for Dragon Slayers – Merrie Haskell (Bookoutlets)
  11. Without a Summer – Mary Robinette Kowal (Bookoutlet)
  12. Shield – Gillian Phillips (for review from Tor)
  13. Mr. Fox – Helen Oyeyemi (Bookoutlet)
  14. Four Letter Word – Edited by Rosalind Porter and Joshua Knelman
  15. The River of No Return – Bee Ridgway
  16. The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters
  17. Curtsies & Conspiracies – Gail Carriger (Amazon)
  18. 1984 – George Orwell
  19. The Elements of Eloquence – Mark Forsyth (for review from Icon Books)
  20. SSSS: Snake Art & Allegory – Gita Wolf, Ianna Andreadis (gift from my friend, Yash)

This seems like an appropriate moment to introduce a project I’ve embarked upon with the new year. In an effort to curb and document my adventures in book buying, I have started a tumblr that works as a record for the books I buy and I am thinking the stories (if any) involved in my acquiring them. I want to buy fewer books this year because money and space but also because I want to get books I really want and not just because I couldn’t resist them. Anyway, if you want to follow me there, here’s link:

Now on to the wrap-up. I read very few books this month because my niece from Fiji is finally here and I’m learning that one can’t simply tune out a baby and read. She has demands for attention, tickles and food that you must meet. Which is all very well but leaves this Aunt tired out and not in the mood to read. But here are the titles I managed to get through regardless:

  1. The Myth of Persephone in Girls’ Fantasy Literature – Holly Blackford
  2. Under the Mesquite – Guadalupe Garcia McCall
  3. Alienated – Melissa Landers
  4. Cress – Marissa Meyer
  5. Firstborn – Lorie Ann Grover
  6. Her Dark Curiousity – Megan Shepherd
  7. Reboot – Amy Tintera
  8. The Golden City – J. Kathleen Cheney
  9. The Palace Job – Patrick Weekes
  10. The Tough Guide to Fantasyland – Diana Wynne Jones
  11. Vengeance – Megan Miranda
  12. Honor’s Knight – Rachel Bach
  13. Bloody Jack – L. A. Meyer
  14. Before My Eyes – Caroline Bock

A bonus picture of the niece!



4 thoughts on “January Book Haul and Wrap Up

  1. Your niece is adorable. I love seeing all those pics of her on Facebook.
    I’m so extremely jealous of your book haul, but I know I shouldn’t be, because I got a tonne of books as well, haha! Mainly it’s because you have books that I don’t have. :P
    I’ve only read Mr Fox, and I thought it was brilliant, though I think I may need a reread, because I don’t think I “got it”. It has a very disjointed feel to it, as if the pieces were stand-alone short stories, instead of pieces that fit together to make a huge narrative. I’d love to get your view on it. Regardless, the writing simply blew me away.



    1. Isn’t she? ^___^ Do show pictures of your book haul! I love peering at what people have gotten. And I know what you mean about the book envy. I look forward to reading Mr. Fox. I’ve heard so much about it from very people. I have two of her other books and have managed not to read any of them. :\ Isn’t that always the case though? I shall certainly review this one though! Once I’ve read it, that is.


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