reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

So after not reading as much as I wanted to in the month of January, I went a bit bonkers. Here is all I read last week:

  1. The Undead Pool – Kim Harrison
  2. French Milk – Lucy Knisley
  3. Death Sworn – Leah Cypess
  4. Thoughtful Alphabets – Edward Gorey
  5. Before My Eyes – Caroline Bock
  6. Bloody Jack – L. A. Meyer
  7. Honor’s Knight – Rachel Bach

I am currently reading:


Yep, still reading this. I actually took a break from it all of last week because it was annoying me but I’m on page 649 of 925 so here’s hoping I can actually finish it this week.

What I Plan to Read:

These two and 1Q84 ought to keep me busy as I try to write a couple of chapters of my thesis, attend meetings and pretend to have a social life. What are you reading?


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