reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Hello my lovelies, yet another Monday to slog through and a rainy one at that. Well, it’s rainy here in Vancouver! And windy too. Actually, rather stormy but we’re not talking about the weather (I’ll restrain myself). The books read last week include:

Operation Bunny – Sally Gardner
Elusion – Claudia Gable
Savage Delight – Sara Wolf
Magnolia vol. 1-7 – Naked Ape

I am currently reading:


I haven’t been feeling in the mood to continue with it so even though it’s very short, it’s taking me longer than some heavier, chunkier books. I will get back to it eventually.

Plan to Read

So, my reading in the next few months (or until my thesis is complete) is going to suffer more than it already has. This probably means that I will stop seeking out review copies of books and that’s completely fine with me because there are books I haven’t been able to get to because of the review copies I have committed to. And I have the feeling that my blogging will also suffer but it will not cease even though my posts may get erratic. My schedule is just going to get fuller from now on but that is another topic altogether and one I will discuss at a later point.

So right, books I plan to read.

I have a manuscript from an author I love to read and the next Bloody Jack book. I may also read Maybe One Day though I’m not in the mood for sad books. We’ll see what appeals to me in the end.

5 thoughts on “The Reading Forecast

  1. Did you get an English copy of Magnolia somewhow? It looks good and I wanna read it, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to buy them, at least not on Amazon, and not in any language I can read haha…


      1. Haha bad how? Will you review it or can I just get a quick general overview? I tend to be incredibly indulgent ant lenient in my tastes when it comes to manga so I may not think it too bad, depending of course.


        1. Bad in the sense that the issues are barely discussed and the loveline is problematic and insensible. You don’t understand why she goes for someone who treats her so badly and does not seem inclined to think of her needs. In fact, she gives him the permission to treat her like crap if it makes him feel better. It’s speedily wrapped up with some illogical and unsatisfactory resolutions.


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