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March Book Haul: Part 1

I’m going to be accumulating many books in March sooo, here’s the first part of it. I filmed another book and it has really crappy lighting and I mumble again AND my accent is stronger than usual because I was tired and when I’m tired, I sound straight up weird.

Books Mentioned

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Grey – Anne Bronte
City of Jasmine – Deanna Raybourn
Ghostheart – Ananda Braxton-Smith
Tantony – Ananda Braxton-Smith
Merrow – Ananda Braxton-Smith
The Ring and the Crown – Melissa de la Cruz
Aphrodite: Goddess of War – George O’Connor


Also, I has big news. Well, big-ish? I will be reviewing for once in a while. Perhaps a review once a month or twice. Whenever I read a good book and when I do, I will direct you guys to the review or you could just read the blog, but then, you probably already do. *beam*


2 thoughts on “March Book Haul: Part 1

  1. I like checking out Cuddlebuggery’s posts so I have another reason to check in the future. I may have giggled when you mentioned squawking in the background of the video – my friend’s daughter is like a fearless miniature acrobat so delightful mayhem is expected every day. I totally have to add dealer of books to my resume – I think I’d deal books in any lifetime.


    1. You are an amazing book dealer and I thank you for that. And kids, goodness. My niece is 14 months old and in the “oh hello cupboard, let me open you” stage. We have to run after her continuously. But she’s adorable.


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