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An Update: Thesis, Conference, and Life

The Thesis:

I finished it. I finished the first draft. I was beside myself with joy (not really) and took April off to work on the conference. I don’t really have much to say except I can’t wait to start revising it. My thesis supervisor is the awesome and she has given me several pointers on how to approach the revision which I hadn’t thought of at all. Some day, after I’m done, I hope I remember to detail the process so anyone else who is working on a first novel without the benefit of a thesis supervisor can gain some knowledge from my experience.

The Conference

May 3rd you guys. If you want more information on it, here’s the website:

Take a look at the schedule. I’m so excited to attend some of the panels, especially my friend Yash’s presentation on Eleanor and Park.


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3 thoughts on “An Update: Thesis, Conference, and Life

  1. Congrats on your thesis!! Also I am beyond jealous of anyone who gets to go to that conference, looks so amazing but is on the other side of the country from me :( Maybe I can stow away in someone’s luggage…

    First drafts are so crazy. I am working on a new one right now…I got so comfortable doing revisions on my last thing (the first novel I ever finished) and now it’s so weird just letting sentences come out and not trying to make them “good” or make everything fir together because that’s for later etc…can be liberating though.


    1. First drafts are PAINFUL. Oh my goodness, it’s mental anguish, all the sentences you have to write. That’s how I felt while doing it anyway. And the conference promises to be amazing. I’ll hopefully have a recap when it’s all over. Good luck with the writing!

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