wants and wishes

Wants and Wishes #2

When you are an avid book collector, you will pick up books a lot. You will see books in the store and make yourself leave without buying them and then all night, you will be up thinking about the books you didn’t buy. It all depends on your level of love for book collecting. There will be, as there always are, some people who will put down your love for books, call you names such as dead-tree-collector amongst other things. It is wise not to pay attention to such fools because they have little else to do. Of course, like anything, book buying can become a problem and it should be done after much thought and consideration. It all depends on how much money you have to spend, really. But if you find yourself buying insane amounts of books and not reading any of them (or reading anything for that matter) it may be better for you to stop and reflect on your actions, gain some perspective, catalogue your books, convince yourself of their amount and perhaps do a purge before you go back to your book buying ways.

That said, at any time, there are several books I’m lusting after and considering buying (and trying not to). I’m pretty good with being restrained in my bookly purchases but sometimes, just sometimes, I cannot help myself. The last time that MUST HAVE syndrome hit, I got two MG titles. They are pretty and I plan on reading them soon. But there are some titles that I am considering getting and probably will give in and buy before the year is out. However, I’m going to make sure I finish a book from my TBR pile before I buy any of these. That is the only way I can even attempt to make a dent in the mountain. Ya know? Anyway, here are the titles:


  1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: The Trilogy of Four (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy #1-4) by Douglas Adams
    This has the books collected in one version and I have been meaning to read this for so long. I read the first two books a long time ago and enjoyed it a whole lot. Now that I’m older I think I’ll appreciate it a whole lot more. I just need the time to get it, read it and appreciate it.

  2. The Principles of Uncertainty – Maira Kalman
    Kalman’s art is so lovely and this book looks even lovelier from all the research I have done on it. I think it will be a wonderful addition to my growing collection of graphic novels.
  3. The Whatnot – Stefan Bachmann
    I know this title is on BookOutlets and the temptation to get it is great but I’m resisting because I have several other MG titles already in my possession that I need to read before I purchase any other.
  4. Wonderbook: Illustrative Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction – Jeff Vandermeer
    I think this will help me in my craft, plus it’s a pretty book. However, I have several other writing books that I already own that I need to read before I even consider getting any other.
  5. The Mysterious Benedict Society Collection – Trenton Lee Stewart
    This is probably the one I will end up getting first. I got a title from a secondhand book store but that turned out to be the second or third one in the series and I really, really, really want to read this series. I will try to restrain myself however.

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