reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

And another week rolls around. So I’m no longer as un-busy as I thought I was. Looking for a job is a pretty darned time consuming task. And I’m in a bit of a reading slump, I should say. I simply cannot make myself read for long periods of time. I do hummingbird reading, just little bits at a time. Doing it that way makes me happy so I guess that’s the way I’ll be reading until I’m out of this odd phase. So last week, I read:

  1. Two issues of Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson et al. I like the series a whole lot.
  2. Relish – Lucy Knisley
    I have reviewed this one already.
  3. The Castle Behind the Thorns – Merrie Haskell
    I really liked this one. Expect a review here or on Cuddlebuggery sometime soon.
  4. 7 volumes of Rasetsu by Chika Shiomi
    I really like this series. I read the English version put out by Viz.
  5. 8 volumes of Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 by Eiri Kaji
    This one was interesting. Rather flighty at first; episodic but with an unexpectedly enlightened protagonist. I read the scanlated version of this.
  6. Petty Theft – Pascal Girard
    This one was rather sweet and bumbly. Review will be up sometime this month.
  7. Conversion – Katherine Howe
    I liked this one as well. Smarter and denser than others I have read. Very different too.

What I’m currently reading:

  1. Worst Person Ever – Douglas Coupland
    This one is funny, in Coupland’s unique style. Right now, I don’t have much else to say about it except it’s an interesting experience to read a book about a character whom you so thoroughly dislike.
  2. Crushed – Eliza Crewe
    I want this author and this series to be fantastically popular because this book is so flipping good. More on it later.
  3. Mother Tongue – Bill Bryson
    This is dryer than I had thought it would be but it’s still interesting. Progress is very slow but I’m enjoying what I’m reading.

What will I read in the coming week?

I’m not sure. I got a few books out from the library even though I shouldn’t have. They’re mostly either MG or graphic novels so I’m going to be reading those. Definitely Over Easy by Mimi Pond. I may also reread Eon duology for the fantasy month over at The Book Wars. Perhaps some other titles that I want to revisit in a post over there. I’m not sure. We’ll see. I’m going to enjoy the slower reading pace, I think.


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