Edelweiss · review · Thriller · YA

Vivian Divine Is Dead by Lauren Sabel


Hardcover, 288 pages
Published June 3rd 2014 by Katherine Tegen Books
Source: Edelweiss

So. There are some books that would work better as movies; I believe this book is one of them. A summer action flick with a little bit of a girl, a lot of the guns and running, an agonized profile staring off into a Mexican sunset and lots of smooching. Yep, a formulaic blockbuster.

Vivian Divine is Dead did not work for me. At all. There are several reasons for that and I will list them out carefully in the next few paragraphs.

One, I did not like the main character. I understand Vivian is going through crappy things: murdered mom, suicidal dad, cheating boyfriend, death threats, but god, her stupidity and privileged way of thinking made me want to smack her with her own stiletto many, many times. The way she behaves in Mexico, the questions she does not ask – I mean, seriously? She’s sixteen years old. I cannot believe that someone who has spent so much time working in the entertainment industry has so few street smarts. The melodrama was expected but the lack of logic to her actions? Not so much.

Which is another thing that made me not like this book. The lack of logic. No matter how much you believe in one person, would you not question the details of what they’re telling you? Why would you leave the safety of your own country and go to another, less safe and more dangerous country by yourself when you don’t even understand the language spoken in that country? And some coincidences were enough to make me snort. In fact, I did snort. She just happens to end up at a crucial character’s house. By magick. Because she is a special snowflake.

The romance. The guy basically tells her off, not that I can blame him, her attitude was making the tic in my eye appear, and she keeps on harping after him because he is beautiful and then all of a sudden they are sharing secrets and smooching and then there is a betrayal but oh no, that was a misunderstanding and some noble sacrifice and just UGH. This would be where I would have turned the TV off or walked out of the theater. But that’s just me. The only reason I read the book at all was to find out why anyone would want to kill Vivian but by the end I didn’t even care because I had my answer. She was annoying enough to provoke anyone into murdering her. Still, there was a reason and it was so farfetched that again, I laughed.

Yeah this book, you guys. If you’re really curious about it, check it out from the library. Otherwise, I don’t recommend it.


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