reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Monday rolls around yet again. I wonder what would happen if one day, instead of Monday, it was Tuesday? Would we even know? What if the night was twice as long one day and we miss Monday entirely? How and what will we do? I’d eat cake. I’m just saying.

Anyway, reading. Yeah, slump is still going on. I don’t know. Maybe it’s not a slump. Maybe I just like doing other things better than I like reading right now? It’s not going to last forever but I have a feeling that my not feeling like reading is because I have yet to come across a book that will blow my mind. I mean, I read not-bad books, even nice-books but one that makes me excited and breathless? Hasn’t happened in such a long while. Oh well. Plus, I want to dive back into planning book two of the trilogy I’m writing (the first one is the thesis novel). Plus, the job hunt that seriously depresses me and makes me think I should go and do a Phd just so I don’t have to enter the job market. Sigh.

Despite my moaning however, you’ll notice that I managed to get a decent number of books read simply because I had an appointment at the library and it was cancelled and then I was left with two hours before the next appointment. So what do you do in a library? Apart from reading, of course. That’s what I did. I read my little heart out.

What I read:

  1. Crushed – Eliza Crewe
    Loved it. There will be a review of this sometime later.
  2. Salamander Dreams – Hope Larson
    This one was cute and heartwarming. About growing up and leaving behind childhood and all the magical things associated with it.
  3. Shenzhen – Guy Delisle
    Liked this. A sobering look at working and living in one of China’s cities.
  4. Poem Strip – Dino Buzzati
    Did not like this at all. Dude seemed unable to comprehend women as anything other than sexual objects.
  5. White Tiger – Kylie Chan
    Not gonna lie, the only reason I’m continuing this series is because I’m curious about whatever it is that lives inside Emma. Other than that, the Mary Sue-ish is gag-inducing.
  6. Rasetsu vol 8- Shiomi Chika
    My goodness. This turned out to be pretty awesome for a penultimate volume.
  7. Rasetsu vol 9 – Shiomi Chika
    I was sitting in the library reading this and trying not to cry. My heart broke. Thanks Chika sensei.
  8. Odd Duck – Cecil Castellucci
  9. Eerie Deariers – Rebecca Chaperson
    I freaking loved this. I want it for my collection.
  10. The Isobel Journal – Isobel Harrop
    I will be reviewing this over at Cuddlebuggery.

What I’m Reading Right Now:

  1. Mother Tongue – Bill Bryson
  2. The Hero of the Ages – Brandon Sanderson
    I thought I’d finish this series and it being fantasy, perhaps it would reel me back into reading and break this damned slump. Has  it worked? Eh. No. I haven’t read that much of it.
  3. Over Easy – Mimi Pond
    Mreweh. Not feeling it too much. The main character is not someone I can like. I just want to tell her to grow a pair and stop being so lumpy.
  4. Snow Like Ashes – Sara Raasch
    I dunno. I am going to give this a few more pages before I say anything much about it.

What am I going to read next?

A whole bunch of middle grade books because I got them out from the library. Some more graphic novels because ditto. And whatever my heart desires.


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