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Petty Theft by Pascal Girard, Helge Dascher


Paperback, 104 pages
Published May 27th 2014 by Drawn and Quarterly
Source: Raincoast Books

Pascal Girard’s Petty Theft, I have been told, is a somewhat fictional memoir of the author’s own experiences with the thief who stole his book from a bookstore. The graphic novel focuses on the period in the author’s life when he has just broken up with a long-time girlfriend and is staying at a friend’s place while he makes up his mind about the direction he wants his life to move in.

Both the art and the self-deprecating tone makes the novel accessible – sort of liking hearing a close friend tell his story. The main character’s life is in limbo and the novel takes an interesting look at what it means to pick up the pieces of your life after you emerge from a relationship. There is no tragedy here; no crying and no regrets. Just this feeling of loss and a need to get reacquainted with yourself as a singular person.

I found the thief to be amusing and her justification for her theft interesting and realistic. There certainly are people who steal with the same reasoning as hers. The ending, too, is deliciously ambiguous and open suggesting that though the book is over, the story certainly isn’t. Though I do not have too much to say about this novel in terms of analysis, I think it is an interesting story and recommend it.


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