reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Another Monday!! There seem to be a lot of Mondays around. It is sort of like a coven of Mondays. Yep. A coven of Mondays and a shade of Tuesdays and a flash of Fridays. Yay. Okay. I should stop. I will stop.

Reading Forecast. But first, I must speak about all the reading I did last week. I read so much it’s crazy. I mean, I read mostly manga and graphic novels and the odd book here and there but still. Here they are:

  1. Over Easy – Mimi Pond
    So initially I didn’t like it but it grew on me gradually. Review soon.
  2. The Viewer – Gary Crew, Shaun Tan illus.
    So I went to a friend’s place and he handed this one to me saying this is the creepiest picturebook I’ll ever come across. I read it and I have to agree.
  3. When You Were Little – Sara O’Leary, Julie Morstad illust.
    This was seriously beautiful. Read it if you can find it.
  4. The Bride of the Water God – Mi-Kyung Yun (first five volumes)
    This was a re-read for me and boy, did it lose lustre on the second reread. The art is still superior to many other manhwa out there but the story is severely lacking.
  5. The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup – Rosemary Sutcliff
    This was an old-timey sort of classic that my friend Janet recommended. I liked it well enough.
  6. The Housekeeper and the Professor – Yoko Ogawa
    This one was perfect. I loved it.
  7. Penelope Crumb – Shawn K. Stout
    Eh. This was cute but too young for me.
  8. Pika Ichi (first 5 volumes, scanlated version) – Youko Maki
    I really liked this and hope this is licensed in English so I can buy it.
  9. Tiara (first 5 volumes) – Kara
    I loved this even more and I seriously hope this one is licensed as well.
  10. Snow Like Ashes – Sara Raasch
    I ended up liking this a whole lot more than I thought I would. Review soon.
  11. Rules of Summer – Shaun Tan
  12. The Thickety – J. A. White
    I loved this one. Review at The Book Wars this Wednesday, probably.
  13. Cautionary Fables and Tales: Africa – Various
    I need to hunt down the first volume and read it as this one was fantastic.
  14. A Face Like Glass – Frances Hardinge
    I just finished this and it was so brilliant.

What I Am Currently Reading:

Well, I’m still reading The Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson. I should finish it in two weeks or so. I just a little bit of it every day. And I have yet to pick up The Hero of the Ages after starting it. Not because I don’t want to read it but because I haven’t been in the mood for it. That may change in the coming week – or it may not. We’ll see.

What I’m Going to Read in the Next Week:

  1. The Year of Shadows – Claire Legrand
    A spiffy middle grade that has been on my list for a long while.
  2. Dorothy Must Die – Danielle Paige
    I’m really curious about this one. And I have a fondness for Oz because of Gregory Maguire so I must needs read this. Also, it’s checked out from the library.
  3. The Secret Hum of a Daisy – Tracy Holczer
    I have an uneasy feeling that I should have read this long before now. Ah vell.
  4. Beauty Queens – Libba Bray
    The only Libba Bray book I haven’t read and I’m going to rectifying that by doing a buddy read with Yash. I’m excited!

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