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Extremely Short Reviews of Books I Have Read

So recently I have been wishing I could just write two or three sentence reviews because I think I can be succinct about a book. Pare it down and get the fundamentals across. So I’m going to try it. Some reviews may run slightly longer than others but they will be short!


I had no idea that Kim Harrison is also Dawn Cook and since I adore The Hollows series I figured I’d check out this one. The pacing of this one is very fast and while the characters are interesting, they are not as awesome as Rachel Morgan and her cohort. Still, I enjoyed this. If you want some courtly hijinks, this is a quick read. Nothing mindblowing though.



This turned out better than I had hoped for considering the art style. The art I didn’t like as much because the novel is drawn mostly in a caricature style where everyone apart from the protagonist have heads that are far too big for their bodies. However, the writing is sharp, witting and on point. Plus, I’m a sucker for fun and quirky heroines. Check this graphic novel out for pirately fun.



I may have a weak stomach because this book gave me the heebie jeebies. Not because it is scary because it isn’t. I figured out the plot very early on but the way it is written (and I’m not sure that can be translated onto the big screen) shows the depths to which human beings can sink – their relationships stripped off all softness and just ugh. I did enjoy this though, perversely. And if you like thrillers that mess with your mind, you may like it.



This is the second Patricia Mckillip book I have read and I gave this one five stars as well. It’s short, pithy but oh so very effective. I loved it. Read it.



This book is for people who like thinking. Who like philosophy and who like delving into rhetorical questions and thought experiments. It deals with consciousness and books. Still, though compulsively readable, it’s not an easy book to read and I liked it. Quite a bit. I may try her other books sooner or later. Right now though, I’m content to mull over this one.



Another graphic novel. One set in Nova Scotia, a place I’ve never been but heard lots about. The book is interesting though the ending is puzzling. And vaguely unsatisfying. But I liked it anyway. I’m contrary that way.



This book is long. Longer than it needs to be, to be honest. The writing is superb, the pace is too slow and its treatment of women made me want to hurl. This book is why I don’t read many books by men. Titular character, marries the same man just not a sentence earlier she had been worrying had sinister thoughts about her. She insists once and again how being a woman she CAN NEVER do magic but women can be witches with all the ugly connotations. The strong ones are the men who can be magicians. More cruelly, there is another girl who is confined to her room until she is begging for the sun by her brother who waltzes in and out of the house whenever he pleases. Only she is painted in a negative light (sullen, cold) while he is the sympathetic character. Ugh. The romance is horrible, two carrot sticks have greater chemistry. A whole ton of telling. Just, no. I didn’t like it.



Another graphic novel. It was cute. I liked it quite a bit. You should read it too.


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