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Reading: What I Have Read, Am Reading and Will Read (and coconuts)

I just had my morning meal for Ramadan (it’s 3 am right now), saheri, (which we eat before dawn and during summer, dawn comes before 3, like seriously, why?) and I am totally awake and have been for the past, oh 15 hours or so (I am not at all sleep deprived) and I tend to get really chatty when I’m delirious and no one wants to talk to me about books right at this moment (which is unsporting of them) and I thought, why hello internet! Long sentence, eh? I know. I have lots of those in me. Anyway, so this is my equivalent (hungrivalent? only I’m uncomfortably full, I drank three giant tumblrs, er, tumblers of water) of a drunk call – drunk post.

Alright! New paragraph. So I was on Goodreads (as I usually am, what life?) and I was looking over the books I had read this year and it occurred to me:

“Whoa, I’ve read this huge variety of genres for once! Go me!”

Without intending to, I have branched out and gotten all adventurous-like in my reading habits. I’m thrilled but also cast adrift because I no longer know what kind of books make me super happy. And I just lied. I do know what kind of books make me super happy. I just haven’t reading any of them lately. Haha. That wasn’t funny at all.

I’m really into urban fantasy or I used to be but for some reason, I’m actively avoiding books in that genre and I have no idea why. I used to hate nonfiction but now, I am intrigued by memoirs and travelogues and stuffs like that. And graphic novels. I consume so many graphic novels I could single handedly power a mountain if people powered mountains. I recently read The Changeling Sea and I loved it so much. I will talk more about next month at The Book Wars so follow me there if you want. Actually, you should follow The Book Wars anyway because we post awesome stuff. I have read 228 books including manga and graphic novels and 99 books if you just consider books with prose alone. My favourite books so far in no hierarchical order are:

  1. The Changeling Sea – Patricia McKillip
  2. The Castle Behind Thorns – Merrie Haskell
  3. How To – Julie Morstad
  4. The Cracks in the Kingdom – Jaclyn Moriarty
  5. This One Summer – Jillian Tamaki
  6. Saga – Brian K. Vaughn, Fiona Staples
  7. The Palace Job – Patrick Weekes

These are not the only books I have given 5 stars to. There are many others and there are some that made me think or affected me more than these. These however made me happy. These books may not always have left me pondering but they always left this warm glow behind, a feeling of a story told well. Many others I read left me feeling unsettled or thinking or both and I value them for what they evoked in me. We’ll save talking about those books till the end of the year though.

I currently have lots of great books on my immediate pile of books to read but I find myself in the interesting mindset of not wanting to read out of obligation but wanting to read simply because I am in the mood to read a certain book or the other. I think I like a book better when I don’t force myself to read it. That’s why I apologise to anyone who is waiting for me to review a book or another. They will get reviewed but on my schedule rather than the books. I feel I like should be more apologetic about that but considering the fact that it is my own time and brain cells I am committing, I don’t much feel like being sorry.

In the books that are going to be released in the next few months, I am most excited for Blue Lily, Lily Blue simply because I <3 The Raven Boys series so damned much. I am probably going to reread the first two and then read the third one because I can. I am also plenty excited for (though I can’t remember why) The Young Elites by Marie Lu (as opposed, I suppose, to The Old Elites, hur). I really should finish her dystopian trilogy and I probably will get around to it sooner or later.

Also, recently, I have seen several people reading and enjoying the heck out of The Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima and I think it’s time I dived back into that series. I mean, I need to and once it becomes a need it’s pretty much unstoppable. So that’s going to happen some time soon. Before the end of the year hopefully. There are also 14 series that I need to finish, well, 13 now. I somehow have a thing against reading the last book in a series, I don’t know why. I need to read them and find some closure for the series and move on. So I’ve challenged myself to finish as many as I can this year and then move on to the series where I have 2 books left to read and there are a number of those too.

I am sleepy now so I think I’m done.

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