Instagram Book Challenge! (Do it!)

So it may come as no surprise that I unabashedly love instagram. As far as social media goes, I think it’s one of the more creative ones. Now, I recently became acquainted with the idea of challenges and doing the 100 happy day challenge made me realize that sometimes it is nice to just stop and think about what makes you happy. And this has led me to think that doing something similar with books would be an awesome idea. And it is!

So the challenge is to post for 100 days a picture/day of a book that you really love.  And the rules, if one must have them would be:

1. A picture/day of a book you love. (for a 100 days)
2. Use the hashtags #100happybookdays, #reading
3. In a sentence or two, tell us why you love this book.

And that’s it. Oh, also, if you are going to be doing this challenge, let me know in the comments. Or follow me: my instagram is @nafizaaz. Yay!

Think about how many awesome book recs we can get this way!


11 thoughts on “Instagram Book Challenge! (Do it!)

  1. Reblogged this on Ariadne's Thread and commented:
    I know my blog is frozen in time at the moment but I’m taking part in an instagram book challenge which is probably the best excuse in the world to wade through my favourite worlds. My instagram handle is @glaiza_echo


  2. This sounds awesome! I’d be more than happy to participate except that I’m a picky reader, so finding 100 books I love will be the real challenge haha.


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