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Artist Spotlight: Nikhil Shinde

Artist: Nikhil Shinde


5 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: Nikhil Shinde

  1. Wow, wow, wow! I LOVE this style, so much. It reminds me a lot of an artist I used to follow on deviantART years ago, and I lost touch with her. But this painterly, cartoony, lighthearted, colorful style — OH, it is just so much fun to look at, isn’t it? Trying to pick a favorite here… I really like The Witch, Lilaith, and the mermaid! GREAT artist spotlight this week. :D

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      1. Yes, that is awesome. Sad that I didn’t even notice — or is it sad? Maybe I just see clothed women and it feels normal, lol. I think I noticed more when they’re NOT clothed (pretty sure my husband is tired of hearing me gripe about it :P).


        1. I understand the annoyance. So many times I find an artist and I like their art only to find that the women they draw are basically fantasy fulfillment. Even women do that and that just turns me off. :\


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