reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

My dearest readers, the past week was extremely good where reading is concerned. For me anyway. I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I got a lot of reading done. Maybe it’s because I was determined to read my way out of the reading slump or maybe I finally read some books that made me want to keep me reading. Most probably it’s because I have no internet at home right now which allows me to stop wasting time online and spend it reading instead.

Anyway, the books I read last week include:

  1. Worn – Edited by Emily Spivack
  2. Hereville vol 1. – Barry Deutsch
  3. Hereville vol 2. – Barry Deutsch
  4. Stray – Elissa Sussman
  5. Ninja Librarians: Accidental Keyhand – Jenn Swann Downey
  6. Brutal Precious – Sara Wof

Currently Reading:

  1. The Days Are Just Packed – Bill Watterson
  2. The Hero of the Ages – Brandon Sanderson
  3. Scale Bright – Benjanun Sriduangkaew

I Plan to Read:

Once I finish Calvin and Hobbes, I’m going to read the second year Rookie Year Book. It will take me the entire week to read the The Hero of the Ages because I’m pacing myself at 100 pages/day. Scale Bright is not difficult to read but I’m finding it difficult to get into the book. These are the titles I do plan on reading in the coming week:

  1. In Real Life – Cory Doctorow
  2. Rookie Yearbook 2
  3. Above the Dreamless Dead – Chris Duffy
  4. The Glass Sentence – S. E. Grove



3 thoughts on “The Reading Forecast

    1. I recommend reading the first one to get a taste for it. Wolf creates a heroine who is not ashamed of her body and the way she looks. It’s so wonderfully different from all the other “I’m not beautiful” protagonists you meet. I recommend it!


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