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How To Prepare For Your Thesis Defense

As I may have said a couple of hundred times already, I’m defending my thesis on the 18th of September so I have roughly a month to prepare for it. I shall give you some basic steps on how to prepare for a thesis defense (or defence, I don’t think it matters):

1. Don’t.

Really, don’t. Just do something else. Watch a drama, read a book, go outside. Have a staring competition with a strange marmalade cat who looks at you like you’re the devil incarnate (which you may be). Play with your niece, sing nursery rhymes at the top of your lungs. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Aka procrastination. I know you’re all acquainted with it.

2. Write a synopsis for your book.

Warning: writing a synopsis is more difficult than writing your entire book. Once you  have a rough copy, send it to your friends. Maybe they’ll give you some feedback. My friend Yash helped me out. So did Aline. Here is what my final synopsis looks like:

Croi is a brownie, a sharp-teethed, light-fingered creature who makes mischief as she moves invisibly among the humans. She has been a brownie for almost seventeen years and has no reason to suspect she’ll be anything else – until the day her invisibility fails. Soon, her bones start shifting and changing and she wakes up one morning with a summons in her head. The Hag, her only companion, will only tell her that her mysterious, absentee mother put a Glamour on her and changed her shape. Now the Glamour is breaking, and Croi is no longer a brownie. Who she is underneath the Glamour is a mystery Croi must solve on her own. 

As she sets forth on her journey, pulled by her mother’s compulsion spell, Croi garners some unlikely allies. But as the Glamour gets closer to fully breaking, Croi begins to see magick shimmer and wonders why it’s lonely song makes her want to weep. Who is she really? What is she? What place does she have in the Fae world? And more importantly, what is she going to have to sacrifice to find out the answers to all her questions?

3. Email your thesis supervisor with a list of all the things you’re going to talk about.

How I Spent Most Nights Awake Staring At The Wall Because My Thesis Was Driving Me Nuts.

4. Dance to Michael Jackson.


5. Consider learning Prezi because you’re always so much cooler and more polished when you have Prezi. Fail. Twice. Put it off for another day.

6. Write a blog post about preparing for a defense you haven’t yet prepared for. Win.




7 thoughts on “How To Prepare For Your Thesis Defense

  1. I remember when my lecturer saved his notes as a Prezi representation once. I opened it and wondered what is this slick madness?? Anyway, I would so pick up that book based on that synopsis.


  2. I don’t know shit about thesises (thesii? thesae? theses? Oh, wow, really, theses didn’t get the “red-squiggly line of death – is that right?), but it sounds like quite the remarkable book. From the excerpts I’ve had the pleasure of glimpsing, I’d day MY thesis (read: above) is supported.

    Bad joke is bad. :D


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