Real Life


It can strike any time. Any where. About anything.

Is my face too round/narrow/cheesy?

Am I not a fun/friendly/cool person?

What if my book is all purple prose? How will I ever live down the horridness of that?



How do you deal with it?

Because I don’t. I can’t.

I turn off the world and eat ice cream. Usually it works. Other times it takes my mom to tell me to get out of the house before I finally get over myself.


6 thoughts on “Insecurity

  1. I find talking and/or laughing with a friend about random things sometimes helps. Maybe it breaks the feedback loop of evil in my head for a moment. Sometimes, I imagine what a character in a kdrama would do in this situation – the pathos of a wacky set of improbable events can also bring me out of it. Though really, I tend to just brood more than any Jane Austen character lol (how is that different from a kdrama?) I don’t know how to deal with it usually so hopefully someone will leave a heaven sent comment behind. I think you’re brilliant and I’d read anything that you’d write.


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