Demons · review · YA

Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson


Hardcover, 384 pages
Published August 5th 2014 by Simon Pulse
Source: Publisher

Servants of the Storm started off atmospheric and creepy and a little bit unbelievable. I mean, we’ve all seen the weather news people start going crazy when hurricanes pop up. I’m from Fiji; I’ve lived through many hurricanes. You start getting the news about their approach a long time before they do. You are told to prepare, get safe and get the hell out of dodge if need be. So why would two young girls be entirely unprepared and unsafe when the storm hit? I guess, maybe, we are supposed to believe that the hurricane came entirely out of the blue? I don’t know. Either ways, if I turned my brain off, the opening scene is brutal. Dawson captures the frantic feeling of seeing someone you love be swept away from you really well.

Anyway, Dovey’s bff gets swept away in a hurricane and dies and Dovey goes crazy so her lawyer mother keeps her drugged up on some kind of medicine that Dovey decides to stop taking once she sees her best friend in a café. Her dead best friend. Once she’s off the medicine, things go from crazy to worse when she finds out that her town has a slightly demonesque nature. Okay fine, not slightly. More than slightly. A lot. Her other best friend, the guy, all but declares his love for her and she maybe feels something for him until the arrival of a delicious stranger in her life.

This book had several problems for me. It was very formulaic and were I new to the genre, I would have probably lapped it up but after reading dozens of the same paranormal book given different characters and bookcovers, I’m more than over it. The plot is all over the place; there is no slow building up and no gradual revelation. Just abrupt declaration of who or what Dovey is (because being peskily human is not good for anyone, you guys). The romance made me not very happy. It’s the whole treat-your-best-friend-like-crap deal that I thought we had grown out of. And the other guy is not any better.

I didn’t enjoy reading this book unfortunately. I like more subtlety in my YA, more complexity and while this book did have flickers of good, I’m afraid it just completely missed the mark for me.

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