Post Post-Grad Studies aka Now What, Jose?

Yesterday I defended my thesis successfully. I got an approval form and all. I even got cookies, brownies, hugs and flowers. People said VERY nice things about the novel I wrote and while I am still disbelieving that my book deserves that much praise, I am happy that I’m done with the school part of life.

But last night, the uncertainties set in. I’m done with school and now I have to find a job. Actually, it’s imperative that I find a gig that actually pays me money instead of cake because I need to pay back loans and stuff. But now what? Who am I now? I find myself in a liminal space usually occupied by people who always skirt the edges of society not choosing to participate but not willing to set themselves apart either.

I want to live now. Experience things. Probably shatter some glasses, plates and hearts. I want to buy stuff, see vistas I usually can’t. I just want to live.

But I need to do something. I’m going to start research on book the two because until I find a job, I cannot actually do anything fun because money. Ya know? And reading because, well, what else would I do?

I think I’m most sad about losing my bus pass. Sighhhh. I love my bus pass.

Maybe more (whiny) blog posts in the future of this blog. My apologies in advance.


10 thoughts on “Post Post-Grad Studies aka Now What, Jose?

  1. Congrats! That’s a mighty big accomplishment! Be sure to be proud of yourself and not worry TOO much about the future. At least for now. And the UPass IS super attractive, eh?


  2. I totally know what you mean! I was probably most upset about losing my train pass after graduation (until I remembered I was moving away from everything amazing that is Chicago and back to a city that has TERRIBLE public transportation). And I’m so in the same boat as you right now – just graduated (MASTER of Music mwahahahaha)…and oh the jobs I am doing in the meantime until some music funtimes show up! *Shrugs* such is the life of a post full time student.

    BUT all will be well and now you’re a Doctor of..actually what do they call your degree? In any case CONGRATULATIONS!!! It’s so impressive what you’ve already done, and you’ve got so many cool things to look forward to (are you going to publish your novel? Because I, for one, would love to the chance to read it)) And fun times will be around the corner :)


    1. I hear you, lady. Loud and clear! Congrats on your Masters achievement. That is SO cool! Especially to someone who couldn’t hold a tune if her life depended on it. Mine is also a masters. I don’t think I have the patience to do a phD. The thought makes me shudder. And I’m going to try to have my novel published. I certainly hope it will be and if it is, you know I’ll be screaming the news from the rooftops. Haha.


      1. Woah you guys have to do like a whole thesis thing for your Masters? O.o

        ..or well I suppose it’s possible that we do that too, if you’re going for a normal degree. I wouldn’t know – only my musician friends have gotten their Masters. And we definitely don’t have to. Ahh the life of a nonacademic!


        1. Yep, if you do a phD, you have to do a dissertation which is ten times as scary. One of my friends is going to Cambridge (!!) and she’s spending more time taking pictures than writing though so I could be wrong. Haha.


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