reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

It’s Monday again. That means it is time to talk about my reading again. Fun times. I’m kind of exhausted so sorries about the lack of pep in the post. I should probably write this tomorrow when I am full of verve but I feel like writing the post right now so…

Last week, I started reading Moth and Spark and found that it totally didn’t work for me so I DNFed it and moved on. Then I discovered Martha Wells and oh my jolly goodness, it was love after a rocky start. Here are the books I managed to consume in the past week.

  1. The Ships of Air by Martha Wells
    5 stars. Requires separate post.
  2. The Wizard Hunters – Martha Wells
    See above.
  3. The Iron Tonic – Edward Gorey
    Typical Gorey.
  4. What Do Women Really Want? Chocolate! – Donna L. Barstow
    Somewhat funny.
  5. Bayou vol. 1 – Jeremy Love
    Beautifully drawn and sensitively executed.
  6. Nine Ways to Disappear – Lily Carre
  7. Nola’s Worlds – Matthieu Mariolle et al: vol 1
  8. Nola’s Worlds – Matthieu Mariolle et al. vol 2
  9. Nightingale’s Nest – Nikki Loftin
    Tragic, poignant, beautiful.
  10. Zombillenium 2 – Arthur de Pins
  11. Seconds – Bryan Lee O’Malley
    Very good. Review this week.

Currently Reading


I’m about halfway through this and enjoying it very much.

To Read In the Coming Week

  1. Long Lankin – Lindsey Barraclough
  2. The Riverman – Aaron Starmer
  3. The Gate of Gods – Martha Wells
  4. Sisters – Raina Telegemeier
  5. Other assorted graphic novels. I checked out a bunch from the library.

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