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NanoWriMo: Day 1

I don’t find NanoWriMo as crazy as I would have had I truly decided to complete an entire novel in one month. But I already know the way I approach my craft and my writing tendencies so I know that writing a book, this book in particular, in one month is impossible. For me. However, I want to get a lot of the book done so I’m going to work as earnestly and as sincerely as possible.

I am working on the sequel to the book I wrote for my thesis. The thesis novel is called The Road of the Lost. The sequel is called The Glory of the Dead. It’s far more complicated, both in breadth and the story it tells, than the first one. The Road of the Lost is told in first person present tense for a lot of reasons but The Glory of the Dead is told in third person present tense. I chose the shift because the story moves from being just about one character to about many characters and how these characters affect the primary character. Also, worldbuilding is SO MUCH EASIER in third person because you do not have to justify everything through the lens of the protagonist.

I also have a feeling that there will a whole lot more editing to do compared to the first one but I love editing so I don’t mind that. This will also be a longer book; I’m thinking about 120k but my first drafts are always insanely long. Then I go back and cut merrily away (or sadly in some cases).

Now I go flex my fingers and work on chapter 2. Good luck everyone!


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