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NaNoWriMo Blogging: Day 9

When I started Nanowrimo, I knew that I wouldn’t finish an entire novel in the 30 days allotted me. I simply don’t write that way. I have bursts of productivity followed by intense bouts of introspection where I’ll take what’s happening in the plot and plug it in my head and let it play out in extreme detail. Work out the kinks, plan the next chapter and then think about that before I begin to write. The writing itself is maybe the easy part. It’s all the thinking, the mental gymnastics that come before the writing that is painful.

If I have structured my outline correctly, the novel should be somewhere around 100k words. It could be a little more because there’s a LOT of worldbuilding going on. Because the first novel is told in first person, I was very limited by what I could show about the world but since the second book is told in third person omniscient (still present tense which can be odd at times but presents a challenge that I am enjoying), the world has opened up and I can talk about it as much as I want.

I find that since I am not bound by deadlines right now (though one hopes I will be someday), I can take my time and enjoy the process of worldbuilding. It’s incredibly complex and I’m probably doing a lot of things wrong but it is fun. So sometimes instead of writing, I’ll be researching the types of food the fae in my world will eat and it’s fun!

Also, because I am writing in third person, I want to make sure that I distinguish people enough that they think and feel differently. I honestly don’t know how well I am doing but I’m having fun. I have a feeling the revision process will be way more complicated for this novel as compared to the first one but I’ll let the future Nafiza whine about it.

What I most want The Glory of the Dead to read like is a race. I want it to feel dynamic always and well, we’ll see how I achieve that. I may as well move mountains one stone at a time. Eh?

Happy writing!


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