2014: Reading Reflections

I’ve done a lot of growing up this year. I’ve had my share of tragedies, my successes and learned some hard truths. I’ve been humbled, praised, hurt and so much more. I’ve grown considerably mentally and emotionally. And I’ve realized that every time I face any kind of hardship, I turn to books to comfort me. I escape into books, into stories and worlds not my own, into heads not my own. Places where endings are always happy whether neatly or not. Where you can distance yourself from tragedy by turning the pages. Where you can be anyone you choose to: good or bad. Just. Books.

At this moment, I have read 442 books, the majority of them graphic novels and manga series. Manga is a great way to de-stress.

I’ve read translated fiction (okay, mostly Japanese authors but that counts), a considerable number of nonfiction, literary fiction, YA fiction, poetry, middle grade fiction, picturebooks, adult genre fiction including a romance novel that…ugh. I’ve read a lot of everything except classics. I avoid classics because they are Eurocentric and I’m hardpressed to find something that reflects me . I don’t know if I will make a conscious effort to change that in 2015. We’ll see.

I have noticed that I make a deliberate effort to read diverse fiction even if the content is not something that is within my purvey or if the genre is not something I am familiar and comfortable with. This will continue in 2015. I want to read stuff that pushes me out of my comfortable niche. That makes me think about people and places not my own. (Though really I cannot call the place I exist in my own.)

I will also make an effort to read more literary fiction. Though to no one’s surprise,  I will be reading fantasy the most.

On the whole, I’m quite satisfied with the diversity of my reading this year and hope that the trend continues in the coming year.

How did your reading go in 2014?


One thought on “2014: Reading Reflections

  1. 2014 has been very busy for me…far from having more time to read what I wanted having finished uni, I took on a project at work which saw me reading some amazing books, but less and less for my own enjoyment. Generally I love to chose what I read based on my mood, a feeling something I’m chasing, nostalgia even…. and this year I realised I need to keep that so I can truly keep enjoying what I read.
    I neglected my blog a lot this year (again, thanks to work project) and for a while I just felt like all I was writing were rave reviews. These were books I absolutely loved, but for some reason I felt weird about not writing about the meh books.
    Next year, I’m hoping to just read for me and maybe make a dint in the massive piles of books I own rather than being bogged down in review copies.

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