The Best of the Year

The Year in Reading: The Top Books of 2014 (Part 1)

I have read 454 books at this point in time and from those 454 these are the books that I most liked.


For the first time ever, I got to see someone who bore some resemblance to me and my culture in popular media. Plus, Kamala is plain funneh. I enjoyed this one immensely.


Fukumenkei Noise by Ryoko Fukuyama

Okay, so this one hasn’t been translated into English yet but I hold out hope that it will be licensed by a publisher that will have it translated. I read Fukuyama’s Charming Junkie and absolutely loved it. This one (I have been reading scanlations) is just as amazing. Three volumes so far and ongoing..


This strange and introspective graphic novel is not your usual fare but it has a profundity to it that transcends mediums and genres. The art is beautiful and the story has a slow burn that culminates most satisfyingly.


The premise of this one is fantastic. A precocious motherless nine year old, a father too sunk in grief, a teacher, her unspoken desires for an ex-boyfriend, a jazz club and opportunity. The events of this book take place in one day but the writing is so amazing, the pacing so perfect that it all comes together with a bang at the end.


Howl’s Moving Castle was amazing and I enjoyed the second one in the trilogy (companion novels really) so I had been meaning to read this one for ages. I’m glad I finally did so because it was amazing.


The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy

This high fantasy trilogy was amazing. I have spoken at length about its amazingness somewhere else.


I don’t know why I didn’t review this but let me just say that this one was amazing. I loved it.


I like all of Ogawa’s works but this one is a masterpiece. All the stories are linked together so skillfully and the ending reveals all the intricacies in a way that is both shocking and profound.


This was perfection. Enough said.


This little picturebook gave me all the feels. It’s just so beautifully imagined and realized.


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