The Best of the Year

The Year in Reading: The Top Books of 2014 (Part 2)


Funny and irreverent, this volume is a must-read for all aspiring writers of fantasy fiction. Actually, for anyone who reads and appreciates humour.


A kickass POC heroine with a crew full of people as colourful and interesting as she is. Here’s to a male author who writes females in an awesome way  (a rarer thing than you may expect).


Colourful and fascinating, the Saga series is the first comic series I’ve read and fell in love in a crazy sort of way. The art and the story are equally good. And yes, it is sometimes very explicit but never in poor taste and it is never gratuitous so it got all the stars from me.


I appreciated this one more for its commentary on race, gender and colour than the actual plot. It is an important book however and I appreciate that it exists. (Also, thank you Beyonce for the Flawless video/song that brought Chimanada to my attention, ha).


I loved hearing about princesses who subverted expectations about role, status and gender. They aren’t all sympathetic creatures and I didn’t like them all but learning about their lives was so fascinating.


This one is under-appreciated but such a wonderful MG novel. Ooh, maybe I will feature this on The Book Wars.


The graphic novel had drama, story, romance and humour. All the feels, man. All of them. Plus, the art is pretty darned gorgeous.


Remains my favourite book of the year. Enough said.


Surprised me in a very nice way. I have a shaky relationship with Gaiman’s books. I don’t deny his genius but it doesn’t always work for me. However, this one worked very very well.

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