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The Quick by Lauren Owen: A Scattered Review


Hardcover, 544 pages
Published June 17th 2014 by Random House
Source: Publisher

One word: Vampires.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about The Quick. The synopsis goes on at length about the trials and tribulations Charlotte endures as she searches for her brother James who has suddenly gone missing. The synopsis is misleading.

The novel is about James, his relationship with Christopher Paige and his induction into a male club of the um…fanged variety. Oh Charlotte is present but she is a side character and the focus never rests on her wholly. She is underscored or um, presented through her relationships with men. Different men and not the sexytimes kind of relationships. More like…men she goes to for her help.

The novel is okay and I’m being more flippant than I should because I’m down with a cold. The thing is, there was a lot (too much) testosterone in the novel. Way too many men. I needed some female characters…okay, let me amend that. Some more female characters.

Still, the book is very readable and things progress quite rapidly but do not really go anywhere. The ending is strangely ambiguous and I just…didn’t see what the point of it all. I mean, I understand abstract novels but this book, for all its size, didn’t quite manage, in my opinion, to tell a story I cared particularly for. The major obstacle I faced was James and his characterization. Frankly, I disliked him. A lot. I found him selfish and not deserving of my sympathy. I may have liked Charlotte a whole lot more but as I said previously, not much attention was given to her development.

The novel, unfortunately, does not contribute anything particularly new or innovative where vampires are concerned. The book was atmosphere and I almost would have preferred to read about the relationship between Edmund and Doctor Knife but alas that went nowhere fast.

Conclusion? Read at your own discretion. If you are a fan of vampire tales, you may want to give this a whirl. Just be warned that this is all very…boring.


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