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Review: Friendship is…: 500 Reasons to Appreciate Friends by Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling


Paperback, 272 pages
Expected publication: March 3rd 2015 by Chronicle Books
Source: Raincoast Books


I love little books like this one. They work so well as gifts to give a bff you love or something to flip through when you have had a fight with a friend and it’s beyond you to think of a reason you are still friends with them. Hey, these things happen. Now, Friendship is… lists about 500 reasons friends are good and has cute cartoons that accompany these reasons. I do think that many of these reasons are just repetitions with a word or two changed but hey, I am not complaining too much. I enjoyed this little book and was inspired to make a list of my own. So, *clears throat* here it is:

10 Reasons Nafiza Appreciates Her Friends

  1.  Fangirling buddies. I met some of my oldest and closest friends on a forum for this obscure make-believe Korean couple. Yes, I’m still ashamed by how immature I was but since it brought me these ladies, I don’t regret anything.
  2. People to talk books with. Really, almost all the people in my life know of my bibliophilic tendencies but only my MACL people actively encourage me in it. Thank you. I love you guys.
  3. Share foodie adventures with. My friend Teng and I have illusions of being foodies and we try to check out as many different places as we can. Since she is now in Ottawa and I am here in Vancouver, we only have that luxury a couple times a year but it’s all the more special for it.
  4. Skype Dates. Really, this one is Teng again. Sometimes technology fails us and then we flail.
  5. Viber sticker conversations. It is entirely possible to have an entire conversation in stickers.
  6. Bookstore shenanigans. Who else understands how it is to go in a bookstore, pick up a book, caress it, whisper to it, hug it and then tearfully put it back promising to be back one day when there is actual money in the wallet and not make-believe money.
  7. Someone who laughs (loudly) at your mistakes and keeps you humble. Hubris, man. Avoid it. Friends help.
  8. Someone who gives good advice. Even when you don’t ask for it.
  9. Someone who tells you the honest truth even when you don’t want to hear it.
  10. Someone who believes in you when the entire world seems to be against you. When you feel like a failure and think you are going to die in a cardboard box on a rainy day.

There are tons more reasons but I reckon these ten will do!


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