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Currently Watching #1

Knowing as you guys do, my predilection for Asian dramas/movies, I figured I’d make this a feature over at BM. I will share what I’m watching and sometimes listening to because hey, hobbies.

So the drama in the spotlight is Mondai no Aru Restaurant.. A feminist Jdrama which is flippin awesome. Seriously seriously awesome. I won’t say much about it now but I will probably do a review when it’s done.

I will leave you with a series of gifs that I got from tumblr. I don’t know who made them but they are not mine.

4 thoughts on “Currently Watching #1

  1. 1. The short haired person looks like a cute elf! I was going to say she was a girl, but well…maybe that’s a boy?
    2. I feel like I recognize the long haired person from somewhere, but I’ve only seen like 1 J-Drama. I think.
    3. This is being added to my list RIGHT NOW.


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