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A Poetic Break

I find it difficult to believe that just a few years ago, I wrote exclusively poetry and prose seemed foreign to me and my abilities. How things change. My stories are still mostly verse pretending to be prose but I like to think there’s some semblance of a narrative in all the pretensions. Anyway, after a long while, I started writing poetry again. It’s not brilliant by any means but I like to think it gives people something to think about? I don’t know? Take from it what you will.

Your song bursts upon her fingertips,
turning her into a melody
And you’ve spent the years since
singing her out loud.

But even songs fade with age
yet you refuse to let her go
crooning her alive
one discordant note at a time.

She started out a madrigal
shaping lips into kisses
Now she is all sung out,
a poor man’s dirge.


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