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Currently Watching #2

Okay, this is more like “recently watched” than currently watching. I’m talking about Healer.

Healer poster

I’m Healer. You don’t need to know my name. What do I do? Well… I’m a night errand man. My skills are the best in the field. Was this my dream job? Seriously, what kind of a question is this…? To be honest, I was going to do it until I could buy an uninhabited island in the South Pacific. There’s a particular island I want. Last time I checked, it was still available. At any rate, then one day, I met a girl.

My line of work is really simple, you know. I take a job, I do it, then come home and open a can of beer, like this, and that’s it. So there isn’t anything much to say about that. What was the most challenging job I have ever done? It was about finding a girl. The first time I met her was on a bus. I don’t really remember her face from our first encounter. I wasn’t really interested back then. But this girl chased me back. She was so fearless.

Basically, the drama is fantastic and too convoluted for me to do it any justice in a review. It has a perfect balance of romance/drama/plot. The drama itself roots its themes in the fallibility of the media and how “truth” (or people’s perceptions of it) is for sale. The writing is superlative; the acting wonderful and if you have said, 20 hours of life free to spend as you will, spending it watching this drama would be a good thing to do.

I need to mention that the genius hacker (the title that is usually given to skinny guys with dubious fashion) is a middle aged woman, an Ajumma, who kicks ass and is probably one of the most awesome drama characters I’ve had the pleasure to watch.

Also worth mentioning was the incredible casting of “young” people vs. same people when they were old. They used different actors for the same characters but dang, they were on point.

As usual, here are some gifs.



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