reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Here are the titles I read last week:

  1. Pyongyang: A Journey into North Korea – Guy Delisle
    I quite liked this one.
  2. The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige Mackenzie and Alyssa B. Sheinmel
    This was interesting but I found the pacing way too slow for my liking.
  3. Sadder than Water by Samih al-Qasim
  4. Sun and Moon – Lindsey Yankey
  5. Daydreams for Night – John Southworth
  6. Brown Girl Dreaming – Jacqueline Woodson
  7. Kiss vol. 1-8 by Tomo Matsumoto
  8. All That Glitters – Holly Smale
  9. Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth – Sanjay Patel
  10. The Umbrella Queen – Shirin Yim Bridges
  11. Mary Wrightly, So Politely – Shirin Yim Bridges
  12. Ruby’s Wish – Shirin Yim Bridges

Currently Reading:

I read the last four picturebooks this Sunday but other than that and a few paragraphs of Manazuru, I haven’t had a chance to read all weekend. A debilitating headache makes concentrating impossible and social obligations take care of whatever other time I have left.

I am currently reading some books–some more actively than others. They are:

  1. Manazuru by Hiromi Kawakami
    I recently loved Strange Weather in Tokyo and this is the only other translated title by her so I got it out from the library. I’m really liking it though the pace is slow.
  2. Eolyn by Karin Rita Gastreich
    I really hope I finish this one this coming week. It’s becoming ridiculous now. I only have 128 pages to go.

To Read in the Coming Week

I’m not sure what I’ll be in the mood to read. I’m also not sure how Ramadan is going to affect my reading. But here are some of the titles I’m going to consider:

  1. The Thief’s Covenant by Ari Marmell
  2. Dust of Eden – Mariko Nagai
  3. Gods and Shadows – Jayde Brooks

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